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During my undergraduate years as a Mechanical Engineering candidate, my graduation project was to design and fabricate a robot that would be able to pick up a billiard ball, carry it up an unknown ramp, drop the ball off into a basket, come back down, and start the whole process over again. Since tackling this project for six months, I have come to identify something I enjoy very much that I am also fortunate enough to be somewhat talented in (or at least I think I am!). Currently I am part of the Robotics and Mechanisms Laboratory (RoMeLa) at the University of California: Los Angeles (UCLA) and am mainly focused on bipedal locomotion under the guidance of Dr. Dennis W. Hong.

I have had a lot of interest in Computer Science and robotics before the turn of the millennium, and it has been a pleasure and a fortune to be able to be engaged in this cutting-edge industry. As much as I enjoy it, I also hope to be able to help whenever I can, as when a project is tackled collectively, better results can be achieved.

Consequently, this is my small spot on the Internet, where I hope I will have some good documentation on topics that might interest both novice and experienced Roboticists and programmers. My current interests due to the projects that I am currently involved in are:

  • Locomotion
  • Manipulation
  • Reinforcement Learning
  • ROS
  • Robot Mechanical Design
  • Disaster/Rescue Robots
  • Soccer Robots
  • Underwater Robotics
  • Nonlinear Control

If you find any mistakes or have suggestions on how I could improve the pages, feel free to contact me as development cannot exist without failures and criticisms.

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