This page is reserved for my non-robotics research interests and courses I have taken previously in my undergraduate and graduate school.

Undergraduate & Graduate School (Selected)

  • MAE 270A: Linear Dynamic Systems
  • MAE 270B: Linear Optimal Control
  • MAE 271A: Probability and Stochastic Processes in Dynamical Systems
  • MAE 271B: Stochastic Estimation
  • MAE 273A: Robust Control System Analysis and Design
  • MAE 275A: System Identification
  • MAE 277: Advanced Digital Control for Mechatronic Systems
  • MAE 279: Dynamics and Control of Biological Oscillations
  • MAE 171A: Introduction to Feedback and Control Systems: Dynamic Systems Control I
  • EE 236B: Convex Optimization
  • EE 210A: Adaptation and Learning
  • CS 118: Computer Network Fundamentals


  • Underactuated Robotics (MIT OpenCourseWare)
  • Learning From Data (Stanford)